Committed to the health and safety of every employee.


Tri-Power Electric Inc. has long been committed to the health and safety of every employee by providing a safe work environment, we are committed to our Corporate Safety and Health Manager’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program which meets or exceeds federal or state OSHA requirements.
The prevention of injury and illness is a primary company objective affecting all levels within our organization. It is therefore, a basic requirement that Tri-Power Electric’s management and all other Tri-Power’s employees, regardless of their position, make the safety of employees the highest priority. Our policy is that each employee accepts and follows all established safety rules, regulations, policies and procedures at all time to ensure that we meet this endeavor in addition Tri-Power has regular safety programs for all our employees to make sure they have OSHA 10, OSHA 30, and CPR certifications.
Here are a few resources that we use to adhere to the Safety Standards in the construction environment.