Critical Power

We understand the pressures critical facility managers face in the ever-changing world of Information Technology to provide 24x7 power and cooling with 99.9% uptime for servers and infrastructure. The tendency for application designers to throw more and more servers in to your data center without regard to power or cooling requirements is a problem we understand and have built our reputation on analyzing, designing, and getting the job done under pressure with little or no down time.

UPS Sales & Installation

Your UPS needs to be reliable and sized to your particular up time needs. Footprint and weight and cost are always a consideration when it comes to the design. We’ll provide the information and specification that meets your needs and budget. We offer a wide variety of manufacturers and models to accommodate every kind of situation.


From 3KVA single phase units to a 750KVA parallel redundant power plant, Tri-Power Electric has got you covered!


When it comes to the reliability of power for your Mission Critical Facility you can’t depend on utility power alone. And UPS modules have a limited reserve of power.
When 100% uptime is needed for your facility, the addition of a Standby Generator and Automatic Transfer Switch to you Electrical infrastructure is the is the most effective way to insure your facilities power and cooling systems remain operational during inevitable utility failures.
Tri-Power Electric’s experience and partnerships with Generator Manufacturers will provide the comprehensive information you need to make the right decisions regarding the type and size of Motor Generator your system requires to maintain your server and process cooling loads in the event of utility failure.

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