Our diversity has all your electrical needs covered from beginning to end.

Design & Engineering

As a Data Center Manager, you need forward thinking, risk assessment, budgetary upfront valuation and growth planning to be placed on the table comprehensively to allow you to present upper management and IT development with the facts from a realistic standpoint thus, allowing them to make informed decisions.

Power Quality from an energy consumption and reliability standpoint is a major concern for Data Centers. HARMONIC DISTORTION! There, we said it. You may have heard it over and over but you still don't understand it or how it affects your data center and corporate wallet. We can help. A Power Quality Analysis (PQA) can point out potential or apparent problems and solutions for UPS to Generator incompatibility or under sizing, power consumption, and phase imbalance problems before they become Downtime problems.

Tri-Power Electric's first concern as a Critical Power Design Build Electrical Contractor is reliability. We understand that reliable power costs money and we do our best to balance budgetary and reliability concerns according to your company's limit of risk.